Life is but a vapor

It’s almost been a year since one of my closest friends went to be with the Lord. She battled breast cancer with the greatest display of grace and acceptance I had ever witnessed. In fact she had once mentioned to me in private that learning of her illness was a blessing. This startled me to the very core. When I gain my composure I managed to ask her exactly how can this be? She replied, “we are all dying from the moment we are born. I’m just blessed to know my time to meet Jesus is near. I get to have closure with everyone here and tell them I love them before I go. Think about everyone that dies that doesn’t gets to.” She was so wise! Even when thanking us for help she blessed us by sharing her wisdom with us.I want to share one of her last notes:

The following was a message of appreciation expressing her gratitude. She was a true light of inspiration to us all.~…

“I love you all! This just shows what one person with one good attempt and accomplish for the good of another….not just am I benefiting from these efforts, but so is my family and that means more than I’ll ever be able to put to words. I am so humbled and overwhelmed. I just thought that some beautiful friends and coworkers were including me in honor at a breast cancer support run …I didn’t learn until later on just what all this encompassed and I still can’t hold back the tears at times for such love shown by others. This is what we were created for was to love and encourage one another. Be real. Find your passion. Be your own person, don’t get caught up in the rat race, slow down a bit and enjoy life and help another soul smile and lighten their load. Life is but a vapor and we only have a short while to make a positive or negative impression while here.”

Peace be with you, +

Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times.”


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